Pedders Suspension is Australia's No1 suspension and steering parts manufacturer that has played a prominent role in the Australian automotive aftermarket industry for over 65 years. Commenced in 1950 as Pedders Die Cast Welding Service by Roy Pedder, the business found his niche in the automotive market in repairing old type lever arm shock absorbers. By the late 1950’s the business had 13 staff repairing over 3000 shock absorbers per month. In 1972, Roy’s eldest son Ron Pedder, took over the company. Around this time Ron took the next significant step and utilising what the company had learnt from repairing & reconditioning shock absorbers and began designing and ultimately manufacturing its own. He also opened Pedders first Pedders stores to install the parts he designed and had manufactured. This lead to many more new stores via Pedders Store franchising.

Pedders is now headed up by Ron’s eldest son Mark Pedder who took on the role as Managing Director in 2006. This large, multinational automotive company has come a long way from a suburban Melbourne welding shop, and most if not all of this growth has been due to the determination, dedication and foresight of our most important asset - our people. Today Pedders has over 120 stores throughout Australia serviced by 5 distribution centres.

Since commencing international sales into the UK & USA in 2006, today Pedders has company warehouses in the UK, Poland, UAE, Thailand, Indonesia, China, Malaysia, Sth Africa & the USA.

For each new chassis, Pedders develops an integrated and engineered suspension solution. Be it OEM quality replacement parts, performance parts for passenger cars or tough off-road suspension we are one of the few manufacturers with a holistic solution. Whilst Pedders commenced as a shock absorber company, today we are unique in that we offer a “system” that we design, manufacture, distribute and in Australia also install all under the Pedders brand. Our “matched” parts include shock absorbers, springs (coil, leaf & torsion bar), bushings (polyurethane & rubber), chassis parts, hardware (camber pins, bump stops, sway bar components, mounts etc.), control arms, trailing arms, power steering gears & pumps, CV joints & shafts and even brake parts including pads, rotors & drums. All Pedders Branded – a SYSTEM.

We started in Europe with replacement shocks for Subaru Forester. Next the Nissan X Trail. Then Nissan Patrol, VW Golf, Toyota Landcruiser, Mitsubishi Pajero, Isuzu D-Max, VW Amarok and Ford Ranger. Then we moved to more makes and models. The results with the vehicles we produce parts for have been amazing. We upgrade everything to make certain that we are testing at or above the levels of performance our customers will reach. We document every step of our development in enthusiast forums so they can benefit from our hard work.

Ride quality is subjective. Our test cars serve as daily drivers. As we do our R&D work in Australia and in Europe, the goal is to achieve a “Pedders feel”: the ideal balance between civility and performance handling.

In recent times our product was featured as fitted to 2016 M-Sport Ranger. A testimony to our dedication to ride, handling and performance for the four wheel drive enthusiast.

Our rapid growth in the European market is backed by our commitment to the customer. We welcome feedback as it makes us better. Our product solutions are driven by you and your driving needs. We are passionate about our product, our people and most importantly our customers. When we think about Pedders Europe, we think about you and your vehicle needs. We handcraft solutions for our customers. Making the experience better. Everything we do is driven by you!