Improving Suspension for Towing

Towing Solutions

The importance of Weight Distributing Hitches is undeniable, as they are responsible with the even distribution of the weight of the trailer across the tow vehicle’s wheels. However, the hitches cannot compensate and prevent the effects of the load weight on the suspensions of the vehicle.

Vehicles that tow heavy loads experience scaled down compression travel in the suspension that leads to a significant reduction of bump stop clearance. Changes in the geometry of the suspensions also occur influencing the wheel alignment and increasing the damage taken by the tyres and fuel consumption. What is more, heavy loads can also have a negative effect on the comfort of the ride, traction, steering, braking and handling of the tow vehicle.

To solve these problems, Pedders Suspension Australia recommends car suspension replacement. Fitting upgraded suspension components can restore the height of the vehicles during rides, as well as ensure higher comfort, better stability, improved safety and handling, irrespective of the weight of the load.

Heavy Duty Coil Springs

The heavy-duty replacement coil springs from Pedders meet and exceed all expectation by showing a clear improvement in the towing ability and offering high levels of comfort and control at the same time. With the range of EXTRA HEAVY DUTY coils we provide, you can tow the heaviest loads, while the “raised” height coils designed for extra ground clearance will compensate for the loss of ride height.

Suspension Shocks for Towing

We offer a wide selection of shock absorbers designed to match heavy-duty suspensions. For instance, our Gas Shocks have the ability to maintain excellent comfort levels and provide suspension control of superior quality, much needed when towing heavy loads.

Leaf Spring Packs

Pedders Suspension offers a wide range of replacement leaf spring packs designed for 4WD & 2WD vehicles. Towing and load carrying becomes a piece of cake with the replacement leaf spring packs we offer. With redesigned spring rates that offer impressive car control and stability, these springs are exactly what you need. Irrespective of the type of springs you choose to acquire from our store, we have the confidence to offer durability and quality guarantees.

Keep in mind that some packs also feature 2 stage design ensuring ride comfort even when un-laden and minimising height loss when loaded.

Pedders stands at your disposal with full replacement TrakRyder leaf spring packs as well. To minimise biding and noise, the packs include metal eye sleeves and inter-leaf friction pads made from the highest-grade steels.

Suspension Bushes

Suspension bushes are essential for improving the comfort, handling, stability and safety of the tow vehicle when carrying heavy load. Used to fix and even up suspension and steering components like sway bars, shock absorbers, torsion bars, control arms and so on, the suspension bushes enhance ride comfort, reduce vibration, noise and harshness by absorbing road shocks.

By their very nature, bushes need to be maintained in optimum condition at all times. Timeworn bushes can immediately lead to tyre wear and pulling steering, not to mention that it can diminish the braking and safe handling of the vehicle.

The intended role of a bush is to compress to a precise degree and seamlessly return to its original position. The condition of the bush needs to be ideal to ensure superior quality, handling and safety, which are easily compromised, if the material of the bush is too hard, too soft, or damaged.

When it comes to suspension bushes, there are numerous options and alternatives available on the dedicated market. Bushed can be made from a variety of materials such as urethane, rubber and synthetic rubber compounds. You should choose bushes depending on your specific needs, because each material is good for a particular application. The manufacturing material influences the performance, feel, noise and durability of the bush. Pedders Australia offers aftermarket bushes of superior quality created to withstand heavy duty applications such as towing. Upgrading the original suspension bushes will allow your car to handle towing in safer and more comfortable conditions.

Air Bags Towing

Air Springs are one of the most popular and effective methods of providing load assistance and enhancing the towing capability of a vehicle. The mechanism is simple and ingenious: the air bags get inflated in order to increase the spring rate and maintain the optimal height of the vehicle when towing.

Using Air Springs provides numerous benefits such as increasing the towing capability of the vehicle, compensating for any minor rear sag, decreasing the general instability caused by towing heavy loads and restricting the bottoming out effect on rough terrain. What is more, these springs enhance shock life and braking, whilst reducing the body roll.

Pedders Suspension Australia offers auxiliary air springs of superior quality that can compensate for sagged coil springs or leaf springs. To avoid harsh ride, our technicians recommend installing air springs when the original ones present a 10mm sagging.

Torsion Bars

Torsion bars perform the exact same function as coil and leaf springs. This means that they must be rated to match the entire suspension system and the vehicle’s weight perfectly. Pedders TrakRyder offers torsion bars made to a larger diameter than conventional bars. The slightly larger diameter can make all the difference for a tow vehicle, as it ensures a stronger rate for greater control and stability, not to mention the enhanced load carrying capability. Pedders’ TrakRyder torsion bars are heavy-duty front suspensions replacements and represent a permanent upgrade.