Making light work of heavy loads

Load Carrying Brakes

Choosing the right equipment is essential for safe, comfortable and trouble free Load Carrying. Pedders Load Carrying solutions include everything that is required, from uprated airbag suspension kits right through to specialist 2 and 4 wheel alignment. Our load carrying range of upgrade products is suited for:

  • Cars
  • Utes
  • 4WD
  • Commercials

The product upgrades available include:

  • Shock Absorbers
  • Heavy Duty Coil Springs
  • Leaf Springs
  • Torsion Bars
  • Air Bag Kits
  • Bushes
  • 2 & 4 Wheel Alignment

What you need to know

Before choosing a Pedders Load Carrying Solutions for your vehicle it is important to determine what type of Load Carrying is going to be undertaken by the vehicle and how often the vehicle will be placed under such loads. The single most important thing that we need to know is what you are planning to carry in your vehicle and what is intended to be carried in the future.

We encourage our customers to simply contact their local Pedders Suspension outlet to discuss a complete Load Carrying Solution.

Loads Placed in the Load Carrying Vehicle

When load carrying, most of us will usually pack many extra cargo items such as luggage, bikes, equipment and the kids. Consideration should also be given to placing loads inside or on the vehicle.  This information must be supplied to your local Pedders Suspension outlet as this is important when designing the accurate towing solution.

The Pedders' SportsRyder brand has been synonymous with high performance dampers for decades. These shock absorbers and struts combine the most advanced technology with Pedders renowned expertise in the fine tuning of damping rates for superior handling.

Pre Towing Assessment

At Pedders Suspension we highly recommend that a Brakes, Steering & Suspension Check be undertaken in order to assess that the correct towing solution is applied to the tow vehicle prior to any towing.

There are 4 parts to the $28 Brakes, Steering & Suspension Check :

  • Suspension Test*
  • Under Car Inspection
  • Brake Pad & Rotor Inspection
  • No Obligation Analysis and Written Report

*Conditions apply see in store for details.