Tow Bars

Towing Solutions

Choosing the right towing accessories is essential for safe, comfortable and trouble free towing. Pedders' solutions include everything that is required, from tow bars, brake controllers and sway controllers to weight distribution systems, uprated suspension kits and hitches.

What you need to know about tow bars

Before choosing a Pedders towing solution for your vehicle, it is important to determine what type of towing you will be undertaking. The single most important thing that we need to know is the weight of the caravan, trailer, horse float, boat trailer, or whatever is it you will be pulling.

You can use three trailer measurements that can help you acquire the perfect towing accessories for your needs:

  • Aggregate Trailer Mass (ATM)
    The aggregate trailer mass represents the total mass of the trailer when loaded with the maximum recommended weight, including the towball weight. The ATM is optimally measured before the trailer is coupled with the tow vehicle. You can find the ATM on the ID plate of the trailer. If the manufacturer did not specify this value, you should contact it, because the aggregate trailer mass should not be exceeded.
  • Gross Trailer Mass (GTM)
    The gross trailer mass represents the total mass transmitted to the ground by the trailer’s axle or axles whilst being coupled to the towing vehicle and carrying the specified maximum load. The load must be distributed uniformly over the bearing area. The manufacturer needs to specify the GTM on the ID plate of the trailer. When missing, it is recommended to contact the manufacturer to ensure the gross trailer mass is not exceeded.
  • Ball Weight
    The ball weight represents the weight imposed on the towball of the vehicle when coupling a trailer. Generally, the ball weight is roughly around 10% of the aggregate trailer mass. One can determine the ball weight with the help of a weightbridge. To measure this weight you need to disconnect the laden trailer from the tow vehicle first and rest the draw bar of the trailer on the scales.

Keep in mind that vehicle manufacturers, which need to specify the maximum towing mass and the maximum ball weight for their vehicles, determine the towing capacity of a vehicle.

Loads placed inside the vehicle when towing

When travelling, most of us will usually pack many extra cargo items such as luggage, bikes, equipment and the kids. Consideration should also be given to placing loads inside or on the tow vehicle as well as the trailer. This information must be supplied to your local Pedders outlet as it is important when designing the correct towing product for you to buy.

Get a pre towing assessment to see whether tow bars will work for you

At Pedders, we highly recommend that a Pedders Tech Check & Report be undertaken in order to assess that the correct towing solution is applied to the tow vehicle prior to any towing.

Our Tech Check & Report includes:

  • Drive on Test Lane & Suspension/Shock Absorber Test or in the absence of a Test Lane we offer a Shock Absorber Test
  • Undercar Inspection
  • Brake Pad & Rotor Inspection
  • No Obligation Analysis and Written Report

High quality towing accessories to make your hauling safe and trouble-free

Improve your overall safety and operational effectiveness of your towing capabilities with Pedders towing solutions. Whether you need towbars, brake controllers, weight distribution systems or removable towing balls, bars and hitches, we have it all here for you at cost-effective prices.

Your safety and the safety of others on the road is paramount, so ensure you only use superior quality towing accessories for your needs. Pedders supplies towbar kits for all makes and models, including Ford and Holden. Tow your trailer with ease and on any type of terrain with towbars and accessories online from Pedders.

When it comes to your towing needs, don’t just rely on anyone. Trust Pedders Suspension to deliver you high quality towing weights, bars, hitches, balls and more online in Australia.