TrakRyder Coil Springs

TrakRyder 4WD

Pedders TrakRyder coil springs are the foundations of an enhanced 4WD suspension system. TrakRyder coils are heavy duty units that provide the precise rate needed to control the movement of heavy 4WD vehicle bodies and wheel assemblies. TrakRyder coils are made at Pedders hi-tech spring manufacturing facility in Australia from the highest quality steel. The coils are produced according to a strictly controlled design, manufacturing and testing process that ensures Pedders coils exceed original tolerances and are equal to or exceed the best in the world in consistency of rate, loaded height and reliability. Standard height and raised height coils for extra ground clearance are available for most vehicles and higher rated coils can be used to compensate for the extra weight of a bull bar, winch, rear step – or to improve a vehicle’s load carrying or towing ability. The coils are matched to TrakRyder shocks to reduce body roll, rolling pitch and brake dive and to improve overall handling, comfort and traction through superior suspension control.

Pedders heavy duty coil springs are specifically designed to enhance the vehicles load carrying characteristics. They are also particularly suitable for people who are often carrying loads by trailer or in the boot of the vehicle.

TrakRyder coil springs are made at Pedders hi-tech spring manufacturing facility in Australia from the highest quality steel.

Variable Rate Leaf Springs

For most dual cab vehicles on our roads today, ride comfort vs. load carrying capacity is always a compromise. By today’s standards, we are experiencing more consumers requesting a better ride characteristic from their load carrying dual cab utes. The general expectation is that they want more of a sedan style ride from their vehicle.

Because the modern dual cab utilities are used as both a work horse and a family vehicle, the spring design has a requirement to fulfil dual roles. Pedders have a product to deliver an outcome that will be pleasing to the consumer.

The selected range of Leaf Springs offer:

  • Improved ride quality in laden and unladen situations
  • Increased articulation with a raised ride height
  • Increased spring rate from O.E.
  • Innovation in design and construction

Leaf Springs

  • Pedders TrakRyder Leaf Springs are ideal for heavy load carrying and towing or as a direct replacement for sagged leaf springs.
  • TrakRyder 4WD Leaf Springs from Pedders feature inter-leaf friction pads and some feature metal eye sleeves to minimise binding or noise.
  • Constructed from only the highest grade steels for the most durable performance.
  • As an alternative to total replacement of leaf spring packs, Pedders offers a leaf spring resetting service that involves inserting a new higher rated leaf into the spring pack which is then re-cambered to the desired ride height.