TrakRyder Urethane Bushes

TrakRyder 4WD

Suspension bushes play a critical role in safety, ride comfort and handling. Bushes are the components that locate and align the other suspension components and have a dramatic effect on the feel and response of the vehicle to the driver.

Urethane Bushes

TrakRyder urethane bushes are the superior material choice for when high levels of suspension control and durability are required. They are particularly suited to applications requiring heavy load carrying ability, firm suspension control, or where regular exposure to corrosive materials is expected. Pedders’ urethane bushes also incorporate a special cross hatch dimple profile on the working surface to enhance grease retention.

urethane bushes

Rubber Bushes

Despite major advances in synthetic bush materials, the natural performance characteristics of rubber bushes make them the most suitable material choice for a wide variety of applications including off road, load carrying and towing applications.

Pedders TrakRyder rubber bushes are generally more compliant than urethane bushes and are selected for applications that require a more flexible response. Standard rubber is most effective in reducing NVH. Pedders range of aftermarket engineered TrakRyder rubber bushes provide excellent control and response with smooth quiet operation. Rubber is less suitable for applications that are exposed to high levels of corrosive chemicals and materials such as oils, waxes, solvents and pollution.

rubber bushes